C4QPE is an organization that supports quality public education; but as a 501(c)(3), we are not legally permitted to endorse candidates for public office. In the past, we held a series of candidate forums that focused on education. With Covid 19, we decided to send out a education-focused questionnaire and share the results with our members and friends. Responses are listed by Florida House district opponents and we also sent questionnaires to candidates for US House of Representatives District 19..

In the US Congressional District 19, Cindy Banyai submitted the following. Byron Donalds failed to response to our request.

In the Florida House District 79 race, Danika Formear submitted the following. Spencer Roach did not respond to our request.

14. Do you believe that community members should be able to determine the public school curriculum, e.g., eliminating literature to which they object or adding topics like “intelligent design” in science classes?                                                                                                                NO                                                                    While I support community         i      nvolvement in our education system, our public school students deserve access to a quality, fact-based curriculum approved by educators and the state.

15. Should state-mandated tests of student learning be used to determine teacher salaries or evaluate schools for potential takeovers or closure?     NO

In Florida House District 105, Maureen Porras submitted the following. David Borrero failed to answer our requests.

In Florida House District 80, Laura Novosad submitted the following. Her opponent, Lauren Melo failed to submit after several requests.

In Florida House District 106, Sara McFadden submitted the following. Her opponent, Bob Rommel, failed to respond to our requests.


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