Members of the C4QPE board met with Senator Passidomo, Representative Donalds and Representative Rommelto discuss the goals listed below.  These will be our focus for the coming year.


    1. Public School Funding
    • Increase the Base Student Allocation and State Categorical Programs by at least 5% annually so that Florida achieves a ranking of at least #20 nationwide in PreK-12 educational funding by 2025.
    • Prohibit any new unfunded mandates for public schools.
    • Eliminate the transfer of corporate tax revenues to private schools at the expense of public schools.
    1. Recruitment and Retention of Quality Educators
    • Increase the Base Student Allocation (BSA) until Florida ranks at least #20 in national average teacher and educational support personnel salaries by 2025.
    • Return to Professional Services Contracts to provide employee security.
    • Transfer bonus program funds to the Base Student Allocation.
    1. Charter Schools
    • Improve oversight of charter schools by the elected county school board.
    • Deny petitions for new, renewed, or materially revised charter schools operated or managed by for-profit companies.
    • Limit approval of new charter applications to those that address specific academic or space needs not met by the local school district.
    • Require that a charter school, if closed, return all remaining public funds, and materials and capital investments purchased with taxpayer funds.
    • Allow county public school boards, on a district-wide basis, to waive the same laws, regulations and rules that charter schools can waive.
    • Require Hope Charter Schools to accept and transport any students previously enrolled in the school(s) they replaced.
    1. Accountability for all state educational funds
    • Hold all schools that receive state funding to the same standards and testing as public schools.
    • Eliminate all programs that send state funds to religious schools.
    1. Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK)
    • Fund pilot programs of full-day VPK in high need areas.
    • Implement legislation for the Voluntary Prekindergarten Program (VPK) similar to HB 1091 enacted in 2018 which currently impacts the School Readiness (SR) Program.
    • Use assessment only for the purposes for which they were designed. Quality child development assessments should be used to inform instruction. They are not valid to determine program quality.
    1. Support one topic/one bill requirement for the legislature.


    2020 Legislative Agenda/Coalition for Quality Public Education/Approved September 4, 2019










Approved by the Board/January 4, 2019

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